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Pat'erns is one of the biggest timber merchants in the area. We offer a huge range of fencing products, panels, posts, and accessories. Our size allows us to stock timber fencing in much larger volumes, meaning that you benefit from a greater range of options and more competitive prices.

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Waney Edge panels

Pat'erns waney fence panels come in a variety of sizes and designs so you can create the perfect boundary for your property, or showcase within your garden.

Closeboard fencing

Closeboard fencing is one of the most popular fencing types among our customers and across the UK, and it's easy to see why. It's known for its strength and versatility, as well as the classic design. This type of fencing is built using vertical featheredge boards that partially overlap for privacy and stability. These are then fixed to horizontal boards behind. It is the most efficient way to build a wooden fence.

Trellis panels

Fencing can be used for far more than marking the edges of your garden – trellis is perfect for helping vines or climbing plants grow, while lower fence panels can be used to separate areas of your garden and improve the look of your overall landscape.

Open pale/picket panels

Open pale picket fencing is a traditional style of fence using posts, horizontal rails and vertical pales with gaps between each pale. These panels are constructed from treated planed all round timber and pre-assemble, so you only have to attach them to fence posts to create a fence.

Fence posts

A selection of pressure treated timber fence posts for small repairs, post & rail fencing, garden fence panels, and gate posts.


Concrete posts

Concrete is excellent for prolonged longevity and low-maintenance fencing, but many of our customers prefer timber for a more traditional look and feel as well as cheaper initial costs.

Gravel Boards

We stock a range of timber and concrete gravel boards to make sure that we always have the right boards to meet your needs, whether you would like to focus on your fence's aesthetics and ensure that it matches the rest of the structure, or would like the longest lasting gravel boards and fencing. Our range also includes a variety of sizes and heights to cater for any application.

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