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Sheds & Summer Houses

Garden Sheds

Pat'erns is a UK-based company, who have over 30 years' experience manufacturing and creating quality, long-lasting garden buildings and outdoor storage. We offer professional installations to save you time and energy. If you prefer a personal project, you can easily install the shed yourself – everything you need is included in the kits.

Wooden sheds are traditional and versatile, offering a huge number of options to match your garden or your style. The timber is treated with an oil-based preserver, that comes in a variety of colours. We ensure that our bespoke sheds are finished to the highest quality, so that they enhance the aesthetics of your garden.

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Summer Houses

We offer a range of garden buildings, including summer houses and small workshops. If you are looking for a larger structure and thicker cladding, we recommend that you consider ordering a garden cabin. However, if you have a smaller garden, or do not want your new garden building to be as imposing, a summer house is the perfect solution.

For more information on bespoke garden cabins or summer houses, please contact us.
Children's play houses
Potting sheds

Beach Huts

Individually designed, with an eye for detail and of strong construction, our custom-made beach huts are built to order for customers and installed on site.

We provide a complete and professional beach hut building or hut replacement/reconstruction service, almost anywhere in the UK.

Made to Tendring District Council specifications.


Remove old beach hut from site

New beach hut including:

6mm Far-Eastern plywood lining
Front Shutters
Wire Rope

For more information please call us to discuss your requirements.

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