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Timber Posts & Gravel Boards

We stock a large range of fence posts in lengths from 5ft up to 9ft in height.
All of our timber posts are pressure treated.

Pat'erns offer a large range of fencing products, panels, posts, and accessories. See the below links.

Timber Post (3in x 3in)

Pressure treated 3in x 3in or 75mm x 75mm.

Available in:
5ft (1.5m), 6ft (1.8m), 7ft (2.1m), 8ft (2.4m), 9ft (2.7m) and 10ft (3.0m).

Timber Post (4in x 4in)

Pressure treated 4in x 4in or 100mm x 100mm.

Available in:
5ft (1.5m), 6ft (1.8m), 7ft (2.1m), 8ft (2.4m), 9ft (2.7m) and 10ft (3.0m).

Gate Post

Available in :

  • 2400mm x 125mm x 125mm
  • 2400mm x 150mm x 150mm
  • 3000mm x 150mm x 150mm
  • 2400mm x 175mm x 175mm
  • 2400mm x 200mm x 200mm

Round Poles

Available in:

  • 1800mm x 50mm
  • 2400mm x 50mm
  • 1800mm x 75mm
  • 2400mm x 75mm
  • 1800mm x 100mm
  • 2400mm x 100mm
  • 1200mm x 150mm

Cant Rail

Available in:

  • Ex 47mm x 125mm x 3.0m
  • Ex 47mm x 125mm x 2.4m
  • Ex 47mm x 150mm

Arris Rail

available in:

  • Ex 47mm x 50mm
  • Ex 75mm x 75mm

Feather Edge

Available in:

  • Ex 32mm x 175mm (Treated Black)
  • Ex 32mm x 175mm (Green Treated)
  • Ex 22mm x 150mm (Green Treated)
  • Ex 22mm x 125mm (Brown Treated)

Timber Gravel Boards

Available in:

  • 6ft x 6inch x 1in
  • 6ft x 6inch x 2in
  • 6ft x 9inch x 2in

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